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should be able to go plinking on our own property.

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We own 6.5 acres near laidley Qld. I was sighting in my new .177cal air rifle and neighbors that have taken a set against called the police which has happened a couple of times now. But get different answers with different cops.
Some say I am fine others say I will have a case to answer to. But ring weapons lic and the say I am fine with the way I have it setup as in projectile does not leave our property.But the cops are getting pissed but won't say anything to them but keep seeing me and saying well it's a weapon and there has been a complaint. Just frustrating because all the neighbors are trying to get me on is I don't have 40 acres that is their only gripe and I say well I can get my .223 or .243 out and then they have a reason.
Any insight would be appreciated as young fella just turned 11 and he should be able to go plinking on our own property.

Please help.

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Thank you.

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