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The hunting season is opened

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Lap 01, 2014 17:28

The hunting season is opened

A typical autumn morning when the sky is grey and everywhere smell like damp but you know that it will not rain, seems the perfect time to go out and venture into the foliage of the forest.

Clay shooting is a real sport, which is included in Olympic Games.


Indeed, the shot requires adequate preparation, it is necessary to know in detail the weapon you have in hand, especially needed a training on how to keep it in appropriate way.

It is precisely for this reason that there are places and above all team such as the gunstalk.lt one that today hosted a very special group of apprentices’ shooters. Several celebrities who gathered today at the shooting range of Avižieniai were more or less inexperienced but thanks to the professionalism of teachers and professionals who have followed us we were able to break at least one plate.

The team welcomed us with hot tea and cakes in a fantastic chalet perched in the middle of a forest slightly out of Vilnius. While there were those who still sipping his/hers tea a fantastic special guide took us for a ride to the slopes.

The site offers the possibility to have 4 different casting distance and two different platforms. Currently everyone that feels amazed by this sport can approach this task, even those who, like me, is totally inexperienced. Therefore, the instructors have explained every detail of the position of the body to be taken at the time of the fire, how to put the weapon aside. So far our tutors have explained clay pigeon shooting as opposed to hunting is a shot that has to be heard to hit the pad you have to completely let go and feel the right instant.

The position was already an emotion but nothing compared to the adrenaline rush that comes after pulling the trigger for the first time and the feeling of pride when you see the plate burst in front of your eyes. Even for sceptics like me after opening the gun, pulled the bullet and blown into the barrel you just want to try again. If right now you can not wait to sharpen the view and install in the line of fire you have to do contact gunstalk.lt Here you will find all the useful information that are right for you and then enjoy it.

More information: www.gunstalk.lt




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