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Is there any way to capture flamenco strumming ???

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Any pickup system that you would recommend for a classical/flamenco guitar? I currently use the BBand A2.2 system, but to be frank, I am not happy with it. The sound I get from the UST (undersaddle pickup) is OK, but it gets total rubbish and harsh when I use flamenco techniques (rasgueados/strumming). The sound from the AST (soundboard pickup) is VERY "coloured" and needs a TON of EQing to be of any use - plus it feedbacks a lot in higher volumes.
...Another problem of the BBand UST undersaddle is that it is very delicate and difficult to achieve a good balance between strings.. a change in humidity that would result in the slightest bowing of the soundboard, and all the volumes of the strings are unbalanced to each other..

Is there any way to capture flamenco strumming, playing with a band at higher volumes, without sounding harsh and having "quack"/plastic sound? And all this with a system that is reliable and built for the professional guitarist?
Please help 

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